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A modular home is built to the International Building Code, which is the same code used with a site-built home. Modular homes are Modular Homefactory-built in two or more sections. There is typically some finishing work to be done after the house is set in place. A modular home must be placed on a permanent foundation (basement or heated five foot deep crawl space). Because of this, a modular home has no need for the floor to be insulated.

A modular home does not come with a furnace or water heater. Your heating contractor will put them in the basement or crawl space. Appliances are available, but not standard. A modular home has wooden floor joists. A modular home has more insulation in the ceiling than what comes standard in a manufactured home.The modular is a bit more expensive than a manufactured home, if it has the same features and the same floor plan as a manufactured home. A steeper roof pitch can be custom built on either Schult or Wisconsin Homes.

Wisconsin Modular HomesWisconsin Modular Home

A Wisconsin Modular home has a standard 4/12 roof pitch. Wisconsin modulars have wood framed windows, such as Sinco, Anderson, and Kolbe & Kolbe. Wisconsin modular homes are available in one-story, two-story, and loft models. Wisconsin Homes offer many pre-drawn floorplans but they can also customize your home. The available models are as varied as your imagination.

In a Wisconsin Modular home, walls are either unfinished, unpainted textured drywall, or wallpapered.

Schult Modular HomesSchult Modular Home

A Schult modular home has a standard 5/12 roof pitch. A Schult modular would cost somewhat less than a Wisconsin with similar features.Schult's windows are vinyl framed. In a Schult modular home the walls are drywalled and taped, textured, and painted with a flat white paint.

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